‘Philomena’ is a sophisticated comedy that tackles serious issues with a lightness of touch and a spirit of steel.  It was nominated in 4 categories at both the Oscars and the Baftas and has won many international awards.

The film is the true story about the journalist Martin Sixsmith, and Philomena Lee, the woman he meets when he returns to journalism, having lost his job as a spin doctor.  She is an Irishwoman who, as a teenager, had a child that she gave up. Together, they set out to find him.

The pair are hopelessly mismatched, which gives rise to many humourous moments. The film also contains a rich seam of anger that starts with Magdalene homes and finally takes us across the Atlantic to one of the great shames of Ronald Reagan’s administration.

Steven Coogan gives a masterclass in restraint and Dame Judi Dench’s dotty delivery is superb.  This film is perhaps the most subversive British blend of social comment and comedy since the heyday of Ealing Studios.

‘Philomena’ will be screened on Friday 3rd October at the Jubilee Hall, Slade Road, Portishead.  The film starts at 8.00pm (with refreshments available from 7.30) and  tickets cost £5.00 (£4.50 for concessions).  All are most welcome.

Director(s): Stephen Frears

Year of release: 2013

Screening date: Friday 3 October 2014 8:00 pm