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Our 2017/18 season started on Friday 6th October, with the wartime comedy-drama Their Finest. Take a look at the complete season programme; we show one film a month from October through to April, and note that this season, all the screenings are the first Friday of the month, except for the final film, which is the second Friday in April.

After every screening, we ask our audience for feedback and a simple score of 1 – 5, where 1 is dreadful and 5 is brilliant. Here are the scores from last season (we still need to add the scores for the last two films!):

Eye in the sky: 4.7 (94%)
Sing Street: 4.46 (89.2%)
Our Little Sister: 4:06 (81.2%)
Love and Friendship: 3.95 (79%)
Carol: 3.57 (71.4%)

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